Financial Protection

Our experienced advisers provide thorough, cost-effective, and impartial advice on all financial protection matters including cover, type, term, term, dependents, and trust, and speak in plain English to ensure you gain the good financial understanding that you deserve. All our financial advisers are highly qualified, experienced, and friendly, and simplify the process for you to make it operate as smoothly as possible. See what some of our clients have to say about us.

There are several variables to consider when seeking financial protection. Here are some:


Cover is the type of protection that is required, and could be various types of personal insurance, life cover, mortgage protection, critical illness, and so on. It is not always affordable to protect you and your family for all eventualities, and therefore prioritising or reviewing existing personal insurance cover is an important issue. As a leading Independent Financial Adviser firm, we have access to the entire marketplace to ensure you gain the most comprehensive, competitive cover.


Type features protection variables including whether you need single or joint cover, first or second event, level increasing or decreasing protection. Our experienced advisers can help discuss the type of cover that best suits your personal circumstances.

Sum Assured

Sum assured is the amount of protection that you or your family require. At The Money Map, our advisers can be on hand to analyse your situation and offer advice to ensure you gain the cover you require at a cost that suits your personal situation.


Term defines the length for which the protection is required, and could be based on variables including the duration of a mortgage, or until children reach a certain age. It is essential that you gain cover that is right for your needs at a competitive price, and our financial advisers can be on hand to assist you with this.


Dependents define who or what the protection is required for, be it insurance or cover. This could be for a spouse, to pay off a loan or mortgage, or financial security for your or your family in case of an emergency. For further advice on this matter, our team have years of experience to assist with what could define a dependent and the best way to handle the situation.


Another variable to consider is whether or not to place your personal protection policy in trust, which ensures it passes to the correct individuals quickly and potentially tax free. At The Money Map, we here to help advise on how trusts may or may not be necessary for your personal circumstances.

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